pic: 2169 Aerial Assist Teaser...

Lets just say, this setup is overkill… cRio, sidecar, wireless, 2 Tetrix batteries, power distro, 8 Talon’s, encoders, all on top of a Tetrix chassis.

I am guessing it is a swerve prototype.


For the coopertition minibot pyramid.

That has to balance a supercell on top of the pyramid.

Thats a really neat swerve drive demo, as we have never done swerve before that would be a really cool demo for incoming students next year. Now I really want to make one.

You forgot the 8-slot cRIO :D. Next, you need to add an FRC competition battery, and you need to use CIMs instead :D.

That looks prettier than my VEX robot! :smiley: