pic: 2169 Catching Big Air in Illinois


Us taking down the moat. That is a belt in tube, four CIM, six wheel, ten inch diameter C-drive drive train. It hasn’t given us any problems. Next stop, Minneapolis!

I was watching the Central Illinois livestream and saw you guys coasting over the defenses at high speeds, a video clip of your robot definitely should be in the dukes of stronghold thread. :wink:

Good luck at North Star!

It’s already being voted on here :slight_smile: We’re looking for bigger jumps at North Star, so stay tuned!

What constitutes a “C Drive”? That’s a term I don’t recall hearing…

On KING TeC, we use C-drive to describe a frame that, rather than making a completely convex shape, has one side caved in; the drive train rails create somewhat of a “C” shape, thus the name.

These colloquial terms (we have a lot) have been on the team for so long I really can’t tell you where they originate from.