pic: 217 Animation Preview 01

Im afraid to see what you are going to pull out of your hats this year. Last years animation was just sooo awesome. Im sure you’re going to top it though.

Looks good - kinda cartoonish but that might be the look you’re going for.

Hmm if I’m not mistaken your Cel-Shading your animation. (So are we) Looks very awsome, can’t wait to see the entire thing.


tee hee, thank you DJ. last year’s animation was actually submitted somewhat as a joke, we just had fun with it and suprisingly made it to nationals, so im sure putting effort into it this year isnt a bad idea.

yes, we are cel-shading it this year, it fits more with our cartoonish storyline and allows us more freedom in texturing, lighting, and animation when things dont have to be utterly realistic (since you never can get it quite perfect…)

That’s some sweet stuff :slight_smile: Cel Shading = awesome, we might consider that next year…

anyways, can’t wait to see the finished product :slight_smile:

I thought I replied, maybe my post got lost?

Looks great, what cel shader are you using? I’m working with Cel Filter for Max 3.1, I just need to get a decent palette done.

I’m strangley suspecting to see Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Butters, Kenny, and the entire South Park cast show up in your animation this year hehe.

3ds max 5,6 come with a cel shaded material. the ink doesnt work that well, but you can get it to look good.