pic: 217 entry?

I got tired of 217, 148, 1114 and 254 teaser, so I went looking for robot picture. This is all I could find. Paul, those wheels look illegal.

Hey Raul, I don’t know what you’re finding so hard. 217, 148, 1114, and 254 pics are just as easy to find as 111 pics … oh, wait … never mind :ahh:

OH SNAP!!! our robot doesnt have a chance now!!!111!!!

>< XD

I HATE to be this person, but um…bumpers?

Never mind the bumpers…

Sizing box? Weight limit? Only powered by the battery, pneumatics, springs, and/or stored energy? Designed to play Lunacy?

Please note that there is no Team 217 Teaser #4 and don’t hold your breath waiting for one. We will show a picture of our robot (full disclosure) after it is wired and looks all pretty.

I can tell you this: our robot has more chrome than the one Raul has pictured in this thread. I can also tell you that we are using 8 motors, 6 encoders, the camera and over 1,000 rivets …

I know rivets are awesome, but a thousand. Can’t wait to see your bot.:ahh:

We used over a thousand rivets last year…but I think only a couple hundred were on the robot at one time :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see the finished product, Paul!

I swear we used over 1000 rivets taking things on and off, on and off, on and off, etc.
I bought out 3 hardware stores for $200.00.:mad:

I hope you have one of these. :smiley:

Probably have about 100 rivets on our bot :wink:

But I wish we had more. That tool is far too much fun!

If we’re talking random vehicles with “217” on them, I prefer the 217 car pulling the camper trailer in that video of a race in England posted in a CD thread I can’t seem to find. Hilarious stuff.

I imagine the attachment in this post would be a good start in verifying Paul’s rivet claims.

Knowing 217, it’s probably a transformer…don’t be alarmed.

Only 6?

We like to take it easy on our software guys.

We have 4 encoders and the software guys have gotten one to work

Huh? We have 3 working, and the last one is a hardware issue :rolleyes:

Can’t wait to see it, 217!

Can I join you guys? :cool:

Oh…I meant being used by the program! :slight_smile:

We’ll get them all doing something by Monday…

At that rate, get 16 encoders and then the 4 of them you need will be working.

Just curious, do you just use POP rivets or do you ever use solid rivets?