pic: 2177 Electrical board - Mounted

Electrical board after we finished mounting it. We used all button-head screws to provide a smooth surface that won’t catch on anything.

Unless my eyes deceive me, that appears to be a 4 wheel drive long configuration with wheels at the corners. I strongly suggest you get that robot on some carpet and see if it turns. Make sure you’re at competition weight when you do it.

agreed - especially with those grippy wheels - our sister team tried this a few weeks ago and it would not turn!!

yeah exactly what they said. you can add an extra wheel in the middle to fix it tho.

Yeah, we have a back up plan (which can easily be implemented by this weekend), don’t worry. The team has never tried a 4 wheel drive before (Lunacy doesn’t count!), so we figured we’d give it a go. Even if it doesn’t work, it’ll be a great learning opportunity for the entire team. Now that everything is put together, we can finally start driving it around and testing at the meeting tonight!

On Saturday we dd get a little testing done to make sure things were working before we give it to programming. The conveyor system works, we just need one small tweak to get our 3-ball storage working correctly. The shooter is amazing, hitting the center of the backboard for the top hoop from half court! Once the code is working to put backspin on the balls, it’ll be pretty awesome.

The board does look nice!

I would heed the advice others have given you though with respect to the long 4WD configuration. It’s not really an if type of thing. It will not work, at least not well.

Its good to know you have thought of a backup plan that is easy to implement (always good to have contingencies). I would definitely test that soon though because I would bet a pretty penny you will be going to the backup plan.

Looks good, good luck!


They’re using c-base so they should be able to throw a middle wheel in there relatively easily they will just have to rework their chain run.

You can see the LEDs on the PD and DSC from the top of the robot, right?