pic: 2177 Winch and PDB

Our winch fits right between the drive motors, using a Dewalt transmission on the CIM motor. The PDB in the back is mounted on a hinge, allowing access to the cRio (which hasn’t been mounted yet).

Beautiful, clean wiring on a nice looking robot. Just what I’ve come to expect from you guys (or gals :wink: )I can’t wait to get a glimpse of the whole thing this weekend!

Is the winch for the kicker?

Also, I agree with Vikesrock, the wiring is very neat.

See you guys at MN10000

The wiring isn’t anywhere near done yet, which might explain why it’s so clean :slight_smile: Each of the individual boards is completely wired, but we have nothing running between the boards yet - although most of the wires are already made and just waiting to be put on the robot.

The winch is for lifting the robot - you can see the belt sticking right out the top between the two rollers. The kicker isn’t pictured here, nor is our method for getting the belt to the top bar and hooking it on. Those… will have to be a surprise :slight_smile:

One thing to note: The students have been amazingly flexible with the design this year. Originally the winch was going to be in the back, but when we started talking about hanging from on the bump instead, they redesigned the mounting to put it where you see here - in about 2 meetings. Likewise the kicker was completely redesigned very rapidly to integrate a “ball magnet” roller and an extra motor to give us some more force.