pic: 2177's finished (almost) robot

Pictures right before crating last night. The fiberglass poles on top aren’t quite finished yet (we’re still perfecting the path they take), but everything else is. We want to give a HUGE thanks to Team 2169, King Tec. Last summer they hooked us up with a nice finger break and a sheer, which we’ve used for almost every part of this robot, from the wheel mounts to the kicker to the winch.

Looks like another quality creation by the Robettes, I hope we match up with you guys at 10000 Lakes. In any case good luck, and a nice looking robot.

We’re looking for one of these… what model do you have? Do you recommend it? We did all our bending with a vise and a hammer this season.


My team’s spent a few days thinking about fiberglass poles bent backwards as hook delivery arms. Where did you guys get yours? What bend radius could you guys get before breaking them?

I’m not sure what model the finger break is, other than old :slight_smile: Having a break made a lot of our work really easy, i would highly recommend getting one if you can. It just opens up a lot more possibilities for your team.

As for the fiberglass rods… I believe we ordered them from McMaster (http://www.mcmaster.com/#fiberglass-rods/=5ykz61). As for bend radius… we haven’t broken one yet :slight_smile: We have some wire mesh tubing that will be going around the rods in case they break - it’ll catch and contain any small pieces that would otherwise go flying into the crowd. Needless to say, we’ll be bringing a few spares along, just in case.

Home Depot/Lowes carry orange ones (~3 ft length, I think) in snowy states.

i know teams that used those in the past… the one that comes to mind are the “UberBots” 1124… they used them in 20078 and they worked very well… just remember to have alot of spares because they break very easily

Just an update now that competition is over… We hung a rather large number of times during competition, and between all of that, we only broke 1 rod, and it was under rather exceptional circumstances (we got bumped and off center trying to hang, resulting in some extreme angles on a rod on one side). I would say this is a strong indication that, while they can break, they don’t break easily if you properly design their range of motion :slight_smile: