pic: 2186 OverKill Arm

OK, this is our robot at VCU. Sorry about the poor quality, its my bad camera. The robot extends to about 12 feet in height and weighed less than 110 lbs. We used a system of ropes and pulleys to take it up under the power of the window motors. After we got fully extended, the match ended and we were stuck like that, needless to say the judges were not thrilled.

O.K. Now you too can say that you have seen Betsy, who is not unlike the Loch Ness Monster in being unable to be photgraphed well. The arm was crazy tall and reached a height of >12feet. The measurements are a little fuzzy but it got up there.


It was huge. I like it. But can your robot be used as a bed like ours could. unfold the ramps raise them up and you have a bed. At some of our late night meeting I felt like doing that.

It can’t be used as a bed but when we need to see the area, why not strap a camera on timer and send it up? UP PERISCOPE!!


2007 arms have nothing on 2005 arms :stuck_out_tongue: I think our 2005 elevator could reach about 14 feet, haha.

With an arm that size, it’d be cool if you could fold it up into a ramp at the end of the match. I’m still waiting to see that happen.

honestly yall should have slapped a bot can ont he top of that thing

How high does that arm reach? I’m pretty sure that ours is around 12 to 14 feet.

Our '05 bot could reach about 14 feet, high enough to dunk a basketball (= great demonstration feat :D)

hahaha :smiley:

Our 2005 Elevator reached about 13 feet. It could have reached well over 16, but weight and practicality removed the 4th 4ft section.

The arm reaches about twelve feet, and funnily enough we are planning on changing the manipulator to dunk a b-ball at the next pep-rally. We should probably change the wheels though, the school won’t look to kindly on casters on the hardwood floor.


Wow, that’s a really tall arm…