pic: 2200's Progress to date.

Progress as of 03/02/2015

I believe I see a hint of a conveyor system here! :cool:

Nice job guys. Impressive

Where’s the time machine? (3/2/2015)
edit: team is from Canada; may use the dd/mm/yy convention

Yes, we write our dates in the proper order. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like those side walls to the base. Very Unique! Good work!

Looks like halton will be having very tall bots this year! :slight_smile:

Cant wait to see it in person.

The base looks amazing.

Looks spiffy, but I can’t imagine why you decided to implement a lightening pattern that uses 4-sided elements.

A municipal truss bridge with 3-sided elements (triangles)A municipal truss bridge with 4-sided elements (rhombuses)

The difference is that the individual members of the triangle truss are loaded only in tension and compression, while in the rhombus truss they’re also loaded in bending. This additional loading means that each member of the truss must be MUCH stiffer.

Given the thickness of your chassis plates shown in the photo, my gut says the bending strength is acceptable here. But did you perhaps do any FEA on these plates to justify your decision?

Wow, i really like the design of your plating.
It looks great!

Good luck in Arkansas MMRambotics!

No FEA. More thought went into your post then the pattern in our frame plates.

Similar to last years chassis, the cut-outs where designed with a “that’ll do” attitude, with a bit of consideration to looks.

  • Bochek

Wow! That drivetrain is stunning. What were the frame members machined with?

Lookin styling as always! I agree… Halton will be tall this year!

Beautiful machining job!

Their all waterjet cut out of 1/4" thick aluminum plate.