pic: 2200's Thursday Update

An update after Thursday. About half the team made it past 9pm.

Now THAT is a shop.

To the people wondering why the robot doesn’t look anything like our past robots… This has been BY FAR the best group of people to work with so far, from students to mentors to the school boards support through a difficult time politically. We went from not being sure if we could even have a season (with the teachers strike) to having the best build season yet (so far). You’ve all really proven why we deserve to keep this program alive in a year we really needed to make it count. We can all certainly be proud of what we’ve accomplished and I can’t wait to show everyone what it looks like finished.

PS, check out our youtube channel and like our facebook for more info on the robot and team

Way to go 2200. Pulling through the adversity and knocking it out of the park. Hopefully it performs on the field as well as it looks.

See you in Waterloo, and best of luck on the road in Maine with 2386. Bring home some hardware! I took a look at the team list for Pine Tree, according to the past 5 years of OPR, 78 is far and away the strongest team there.

Those Clippards look like weapons!!