pic: 2200's Updated Chassis

What is your frame perimeter? It looks very large, but that might be the way I’m perceiving it. Looks beautiful none the less

how much does this thing weight…as is?

the frame perimeter is 111 inches. If i remember correctly, and the way it sits it’s 28 inches tall.

Current weight is about 46lbs including both gearboxes and 6 cims

I love this.

I’m with Adam, I don’t know what’s it for, but it’s awesome. I would have loved to been in the meeting where this was not only proposed but accepted by the whole team as a great idea.

Must be for climbing, 6 CIMs in those gearboxes just screams PTO.

I want to see what this does.

Am I the only one loving the brilliance of the third CIM in each gearbox being on the other side? That is some beautiful design work right there. This years size restrictions are amazing in what they are forcing teams to create. Really loving how unique all these robots are.

It was a bit of a eurika moment. Unfortunatly its not as inpressive as most people are expecting.

Don’t be afraid of not impressing us.

I’m just stoked about the giant internal sector gear you waterjetted. There is no WAY you can let down.

I don’t know what else to say than it’s really pretty, pretty scary, and scary good looking.

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I like seeing creative designs like this way better than seeing the fairly cookie-cutter robots of many of the elite teams of that year. Whatever the final product is I’m sure we’ll love it.

Odd, this looks unlike any previous 2200 robot in terms of machining ability. New sponsor?

This is legitimately beautiful. Good luck this year, I know you won’t disappoint!

Where did you find the pneumatic air tanks? I saw where they were are AndyMark, but they’re out of stock. Know of another source?

We got a sponsor to do waterjet cutouts for us.

The tanks are the Clippard ones currently undergoing review because a team had one explode into shards on them over the weekend. Andymark has stopped sale while the investigation progresses.

Look at Pneuaire. http://www.pneuaire.com/reca44cuin.html

awsome chasis

This looks so amazing. The chassis we designed is made of 1/8 inch extruded aluminum tubes (1"x1"). The current weight for ours is 48 pounds also, with everything added onto it, including wheels. That will be cut down to hopefully 45 or so when we remove the chain and add the belts which have yet to arrive.
Are you guys going to use belt or chain?