pic: 222 3 speed on the robot


This is our pair of transmissions on the robot. We simply use 2 pneumatic cylinders to shift between gears. One cylinder is used to shift between high and low gear. The other just wedges the shaft into the middle position for 2nd gear, when the air is released from the other cylinder.

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this transmission is just downright sick. a few questions though…

how thick are the walls of the 1" shaft (err, tube) that house the shifting mechanism? and what material is it?

again…awesome design

I , Henry, on behalf of team 222 would like to thank “Just Bob”, our machinist (as mentioned in a previous thread) and all others who put in late nights to get this done. He inspired the idea, and it really worked out for us. Good thing he used to race motorcycles. Once again, thanks Bob! :slight_smile:

I am not sure of the exact thickness of the 1’’ shaft. It is made out of steel though. I did not get a chance to get any dimensions of the internals of the shaft before ship. I will have to see if i can get hold of someone who does though!

Wow…What is the top speed on a design like that, I wonder? They do, however, look a little heavy. We have a Delphi 2-Speed Shift-On-The-Fly Pneumatic shifting trannys and they seem to work great. Great work!

Our calculated speed is around 18 Feet per second in high However we know that is not really true. We did not account for weight friction and other factors that come into play

We get to the ball tee in 3.7 seconds in 2nd gear.

The other calculated values for our gear are:

2nd gear: 9.3

1st gear: 5.2