pic: 222 Tigertrons 2014 Aerial Assist

222 Tigertrons

Reveal Video:

Looks great guys! Can’t wait to see it in person at Mount Olive.

I like the McMaster line item sticker still on your polycarb :wink:

Yes we are still waiting on final decals. :wink: See you there in a few days!

Reveal Video:

Here are some specs:

Vexpro VersaFrame
Six CIM total
VexPro 3 CIM ball shifting 3 stage gearboxes
Six VexPro 4" VersaWheels

Ball collection/control:

Horizontal ball intake
Pass through design. (Ball can be passed forward or rearward after collection)
Four pnuematic cylinders for extension and pivot
Three BaneBots wheels for grip
One VexPro VersaPlanetary for rotation
One BaneBots 775 motor for power


80/20 QuickFrame ball cradle
Surgical tubing for launching energy
VexPro VersaPlanetary for cradle retraction
One large “Choo-Choo” style linkage
One BaneBots 775 motor for power
Various shooting positions with no adjustments

Truss shot and catching system TBD.

I was just about to ask “Does it hold the ball tightly?” when I saw the reveal video. So, in response to my own question, “yes.”

That is truly an awesome bot.

Coolest top roller intake, I’ve seen so far. Very cool linkage.

Yes, this is one of my favorites to be released in MAR this year. 222 seems to have nailed everything!


Robot looks great, guys!
Looking forward to playing with you at Chestnut Hill.

Thanks for the compliments. We can’t wait for Mount Olive to see if our robot plays well with others.

What VersaPlanetary ratio are you using with the 775?

The versaplanet for our choo choo is 100:1 and is reduced further 80:24.

The versaplanet for our roller is a 10:1 ratio.