pic: 2220 Drive Train! What do you think?


2220 Drive Train! What do you think?

If you guys are using high traction wheels with omni’s in the back your gonna have some serious problems turning. We did the same thing and if you just tap the joysticks to turn it will do a 180 degree drift.

This drive train works if you use a rear-wheel drive system. It gets rid of the “drifting” problem.

idk what you guys are talking about… wee used this last year and it worked great and (dispite my preference to holomonic drive systems) we are using it again this year. If you have trouble with drifting with the omnis then either

A.) stop using 1 joystick
B.) make the rollers slower (dust works pretty well as we found out)

From the picture the chain seems pretty lose, if you have lost the chain at all you need to seriously consider making so tensioners in order to not have that problem from competition. As for the drifting i dont know anything on that matter because im in a rookie team and we didnt even consider omni wheels

We have also used drive systems in the past with omni wheels in the back and regular pneumatic wheels in the front that are powered. It actually makes it maneuver pretty well.

Indeed that chain is going to hit that 1/2 inch bump in the field

As far as chain tensioners, we found some easy to mount ones at www.mcmaster.com. They are called floating roller chain tensioners. So far in practice they seem to be doing really well.