pic: 2220's 2014 Robot - Scorpio

Scorpio competed at the Northern Lights and Minnesota North Star Regionals.

Scorpio uses three constant force springs to launch the ball over the truss and into the high goal. The shooter can be positioned anywhere from parallel to perpendicular to the ground.

Unfortunately, Scorpio will not be appearing at Championships or the MSHSL State Championship.

Would you mind explaining the collector? Why the angled wheels? Also, I’m curious about the flexible shaft or universal join that is used to change the angle too.

I’ll start with what I can explain-- the flexible joint is just surgical tubing clamped to 8mm shaft (“borrowed” from our FTC teams). Simple, durable, has lasted us for all our practice and regionals.

As for why the wheels are angled-- initially the idea was to center the ball as it entered-- didn’t quite work like that, but it served its purpose well enough once we upgraded to belts. We meant to experiment a bit with other rollers, but had no chance for it during the season.