pic: 225 Give Aways


The 225 sweat shop just produced 500+ tetra keychains to give away at Chesapeake and Philly.

These are awesome! What are they made out of?

nice! how’d you get them made?

aww these are so cute!! -jealous- :wink:

Our engineer, Ron Karpinski, designed it…but the material needed didn’t exist!

My brother-in-law, plant manager at Meridian Precision, Inc (plug! lol) , made a special die for a triangular 1" tube. It is a soft PVC.

Kids made 2 angle cuts, sanded, added stickers & rings. Very cute!

Mrs. T :slight_smile:

Thats neat! I will do my best to track down one of these at Annapolis. I still have my keychain from 2001. Those must have really been a sweatshop affair!


I want one

Wow, those 225 Give Aways are a must have for this year!

Makes me want to can down to Chesapeake or Philly just for one.