pic: 228: All decked out for Bash@theBeach

Sometimes someone always has a “genious” idea. For Team 228 that involved letting the team spirit kids decorate our robot with “beach accessories” for the Bash at the Beach competition. It may seem odd, we let them do it figuring there was no way a plastic bucket held on by a single zip tie would survive an entire competition. Little did we know how wrong we were.

Common sense would tell us that a plastic pail held onto the robot by a single zip tie would not last long in a FIRST competition. And yet somehow, the plastic pail never broke or fell off our robot, even when we tipped over onto it. The shovel, lei, or plastic palm tree didn’t even have a scratch. The only casualty was the rubber ducky, which flew off during one of the matches, and escaped with only minor bruises.

The only thing we were missing was a Hawaiian Hula Girl bobble-head for the operator interface. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you ever get the rubber ducky back by the way?

I saw it fly off near the end of the field I was standing watching the match on, and then one of the field reset kids snagged it looked around to see where it came from, and before I had a chance to tell him I was called away to attend to our bot.

Glad to see that the pail and surprisingly everything else survived all day long.

Way to capture the spirit of the beach GUS spirit team.

Kudos to you! :cool:

A little off-topic, but I wanted to make a comment about our robot cart. Almost every match we were queued up for, our alliance partners asked if we brought our operator interface with us. I had a keep pointing down to the cart, and showed them where we stowed the OI. If anyone is redesigning their cart for this year, I highly recommend finding a spot to store it on the cart. It kept the IO out of harms way, kept our pit benches clear, and made the long walk at nationals very easy.


Cool beans!!

That is a great design consideration in your cart there your team has come up with Ben. we usually end up just throwing the control box somewhere on the robot that fits when it’s on the cart and sometimes it has fallen.

It has survived for the most part with some scratch and dents, but other than that nothing broke that I know of. (knock on wood) lol

Anyways, maybe next year we shall redesign our cart even more to include this.
We already have one “feature” to add to the cart during build season which I acquired. hehehe :smiley:

<side note> Ben, how did your road race go the morning of Bash btw? I heard about it but never got a chance to chat with you about it. Actually, now that I think of it, I don’t think I have ever had a chance to meet or talk to you at a competition although I talk/ have talked with people on GUS all the time.</side note>

Haha, you really decked that thing out didnt you?
We were there too, except we didnt really have the time (or subteam) to decorate our robot. We arrived at the competition with a dead bird hanging from our robot though… i guess that could be considered decoration =(.

Great job at that competition… and sorry for tipping your robot and almost sacrificing that sweet, sweet bucket.

I thought that was so cool that you decked the robot out for Bash. (Robots can have spirit, too!) I was meaning to say something, but my team had me running around all day and I never really got the chance. But the robot looked great! And congrats- you performed really well on Saturday. (-:



Is the bot gonna look all halloweeny for the ruckus art?