pic: 229 and 1020

How many college FIRSTers can you fit in the backseat of one car?! Andy Baker's rental car, at that! From left to right: Eric O'Brien, Amanda Morrison, John V-Neun, and Chris Carnevale.

This is how people keep warm while they wait on a bus to Westwind. The outside temperature was a chilly 0 degrees F.

6 people in a Chevy Malibu is not too shabby.

Andy B.

But where are those seatbelts?

Remember, safety first, even above warmth…

Is that a hint of a smile coming from JV-N?? I’ve seen more people fit into a Chevy S-10 though. But it does look pretty snuggly in there… :wink:

Only a hint… I think that’s the closest thing to a smile I’ve ever seen coming from him :stuck_out_tongue:

Look Harder.

Good point… but we were just sittin’ there, in the parking lot, waiting on a bus.

“… I’m just waitin’ on a friend”

Andy B.

I think that this is more of John’s grimace… Eric was pretty rank that day. :wink: