pic: 229 CAD Teaser 1

hmm… what do we have here?

I spy, with my little eye, 4-bar arm (in green, left 2 bars are the arm, right 2 are the base) and 2 pneumatically-driven platforms and/or ramps (I think we may even see a 4-bar lifting platform similar to M Krass’s design going on here based on that hinge point on the top of the gray bar), 1 on each side of the robot. I’m also going to make a guess that that gray bar coming down on it’s own in the center of the image is a support for the ramp/platform. At least, I think that’s what it is. Can’t wait to see the final build!

Hahaha, maybe, maybe not.

Seems like a return to the “division by chicken” tetra arm of 2005. The left-center and the left-most are the parallel bars, and the other two are the supports. What’s confusing me though is the fact that there are pneumatic cylinders EVERYWHERE. I’m going to venture to guess that some of them are for ramps, though. The perspective on the one in front of the bars seems to be out of place to my eyes, but the arm may be well behind that. Curse you, orthographic view!

Hmm so many guesses yet so many wrong answers. Whatever could 229 be doing. See everyone at FLR, LIR, And the Championships.