pic: 229 Drive team heading to the field #1


Division By Zero’s Drive team on it’s first stage of the journey to Newton Field on Friday.

haha, it looks like amos is either trying to squeeze out a fart or looking for something to eat.

Great job out there this weekend guys.

You guys had a great robot and thanks for picking Team 11!

Now don’t be weirded out but I swear your driver looked like a smaller version of Jake Gyllenhaal…don’t you?!

Chris “Dang. Jay what did I tell them our strategy was again?”
Jay: “I don’t know.”
Chris: “Guess we will just have to make a new one as we go.”

Great job once again this past weekend.

Thanks to teams 11, and 85 for pairing with us.

I’m always so impressed with how professional you guys look out there on the field… then I notice Amos… :wink:

Every team has at least one. :slight_smile: