pic: 229's mentor Drive team

For the Ruckus mentor rounds, Adrienne Emerson operated the arm, Chris Carnevale took control of the base, Boire (the lucky guy who got to pie JVN) was human player, and I was coaching. Good times all around.

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Oh man.
I think that’s the match where they took on both our robots. I couldn’t drive X-WhAAt!!! for squat and the tetra kept getting stuck on the arm. But it wa alot of fun.
I particularly liked the Eric on a Segway vs. 229 Match.
Maybe next year Greg can bring his battlebot and we can have a 6 on 1 match. It would be interesting.

Wow! I’m dying of curiosity here. What happened to that plexi barrier? Its got some major scratching!

I’m guessing (I don’t know but I can make an educated guess) that it has been hit by many robots over several years, plus maybe the occaisional bit of hanling damage. Looks kind of like our wedges this year when we were done–lots of scrapes and scratches, but no breaks.

my biggest suprise is that Joel isn’t in there!:eek: I figure he’d jump a the chance to drive again, or was he smiling for the camera again?

hey carne’ is a seasoned vet… err, seasoned may be too forgiving, more like a retired football player trying to play again :stuck_out_tongue: I miss ya chris!

I didn’t know 229 took on both X-Cat robots - I thought only 1213 took them on - Sorry I missed that - How’d it turn out?

They won as well the first time. I think the second time when Corey from 173 took over driving one of the bots and was much more aggresive they won.

Mentor Matches at offseason events are a lot of fun, it really gives a chance for the mentors to see what the student drivers go through in a match and really shows why us drivers couldn’t do this or that easily during a match. I hope all the mentors had a blast driving, I know they did at Capital Clash.

NOT! It was easy! I coulda phoned it in! Will sombody bring me a tall stool so’s I can put my feet up on the dasher? :wink: :rolleyes: :wink:

my biggest suprise is that Joel isn’t in there! I figure he’d jump a the chance to drive again, or was he smiling for the camera again?

Joel actually didn’t go down with us to this event.

And yes the 2 X-Cats machines did beat 229 once.

Errr - how many times did they beat 1213? :wink:

Actually those are all from this year, as FIRST replaces all the plexi every year. My guess is there is more scratching this year because of all the action right in front of the player stations trying to cap those goals.

so um… how come Adrienne looks like shes doing absolutely nothing!?! was that the secret behind 229 or im guessing first impressions show thier true side

*dont hurt me… and if you dont remeber i meet you in the pits w/ rob in atlanta weds night =P

haha, i believe at that point I was watching our auto mode do nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

I may not be better driving that arm then Jay, but I was DEFINITLY better then Chris. You gotta at least give me a little credit :slight_smile:

Why is it only one of you looks like they’re having fun?

It’s the classic 229 stare down. Chris must not have gotten the memo, it’s not our fault he’s just a wee bit clueless :wink: just kidding Chris]. But Ader and Carne did an awesome job, considering the first time I drove with Chris he almost tore 3 lights down and came close to destroying a distillation tower.


If you think he’s bad at driving wait till you see him bowling!

Hmmm I seem to remeber chris being a good driver in HS though… apparently college kills your driving reflexes…

Tell you what - he’s one heckuva coach & strategist!! :slight_smile: :cool:

Thats cause he dreams about robots at night…

robots… to the center goal… blitz…how many rows…snoreeeeeeeee… and cap