pic: 230 and 173 hanging around

I snapped this pic just before that big ball popped… moments like these were the reason i had my camera behind the field the whole competition…

hahaha thats awesome…when did it happen?..Imissed it.

When i saw this i got out my camara right away just like Tom did…awsome moment csught in time…( is that ball ?) (NOOOOO .Yes it is!!!)<-- reaction.


Who says you need an arm to pick up a ball?! :smiley:

i just finished our last match for friday when i saw this. the crowed went crazy!!! to bad shortly after this pictuer 230 fell off the bar :frowning: atleast they didnt break!!!

They fell off the bar because the robot on the left (230) pivoted on the ball towards the direction of the side of the field (and cameraman) and lost it’s grip on the bar, while the robot on the right (173) stayed hanging as their arm says. “10 years and still hanging around.”

It was pretty cool while it lasted though.

edit: BTW, to everyone wondering, this was at the UTC New England regional.

That was a truly amazing match to watch from the stands

and If this doesn’t prove it takes a lot to pop those balls, i dont know what does…

it was pretty amazing to see from behind the glass… i was one of the opperators durring that match… we were able to right ourselves and get back on the bar… unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to get off of the platform. :frowning: … but hey it was a great match.

That was an amazing match we, 521 L33T CREW, were teamed up with 173 during that match, I would just like to congratulate them on our win, and say how impressed I was. Sorry about 230 slipping off the bar but atleast nothing broke that I heard of and you guys were able tot go on to the Regional Championships. Good job to all you participated in this match as well as this regional

So, class, given the angles of the arms from vertical, who would like to calculate for us how much more 230 'bot weighs than 173?

EDIT: 230 Fell away from the camaraman actually, towards the crowd on the other side of the field.

hey this is a pretty awesome picture of our robot! (230)…i still cant belive this scene…its amazing that this happened…this is definatly a new way to pick up the big ball … lol :yikes:

well taking into account that 173’s arm is at about a 30 degree angle and 230’s arm is at about a 20 degree angle, i would presume that the robots are within 10 lbs of each other…(don’t ya like that math?)

Note: No calculations needed. =)

never has so much suspense been suspended on that bar …

yea i had to get the pun out but seriously beign on stage when that happend my heart was racing heh i had no clue what was going to happen !

I hope NONE becuase we are at the 130 lbs limit. :smiley:

I hope NONE becuase we are at the 130 lbs limit. :smiley:
untrue–we are 129.8 i think, with the lightest battery…
ANyone notice the random weight checks @ UTC, we came in at 130.4 and they said, Yea you’re find, we know it’s battery…i’d just never seen it happen before

yep-- thankfully they didn’t fall the other way, i may have gotten hit-- like i almost was when the bobcats fell out of bounds-- see picture: