pic: 230s lightning fast HP


My digital camera isnt exactly the greatest, however it actually gave this action shot a cool effect in watching the guy zip back to the pad. I know 230 has several HPs and I am not sure if it is this guy and he isnt wearing it aor another team member but one of 'em wears his lacrosse helmet and I believ has been dubbed “Crash” by the announcer

Yes that is one of our human players but it isnt Crash. You can tell by the blur of skin color that would represent his face. This human player has dubbed humself flash. There is also another kid who could have been human player but he got sick to his stomach during our human player training session. (Yes he puked all over the floor). If it was Crash there would be a black and orange blur there instead. BTW thanks for the compliments and you will see crash at the national competition. if u want some pictures of both human players i will be happy to provide them for you.

-Crash :cool:

lol, this looks cool. An anvil could play the part of our human player.

of course it does but its not me :frowning: lol. thats Ken or “Flash” as he likes to call himself.



Thanks to innovativechic u now can see a rare photo of the one called Crash. lol. i should stop before i hurt myself.