pic: 233 after Auto mode

233 had the most impressive autonomous mode I’ve seen.
They started on the side, knocked down the hanging tetra went over to the autoloader and grabbed 2 tetras.
It put them a large step ahead at the start of driver control.

Very Impressive. Any more picture of 233 robot? Or videos:)

I’m not sure about that being the most impresssive. I thought 980’s was very impressive. They started with a tetra, capped it on the center, then caught the hanging tetra, and capped it on the side goal. This was a 6 pt auto mode! If i remember from watching them in the practice feild, they also drove up to the auto loader.

I agree 100% with that. 980’s was the most amazing autonomous mode I’ve seen this season.

It took 233 a bit to get it done. I watched them try to get two multiple times, but each time they were a foot to close to the player station. I’m glad to see they got it working.

980s was nifty, but scared the crap outta me with that swinging arm. :ahh:


The first time I saw 233’s autonomous, I was stunned. It was unbelievable. I think it was 22 that pulled the hanging tetra over and stacked it during autonomous. That was a neat

That was our generic autonomous program; we had this one working just fine at our first regional. We had this one and another one (for the visionary tetras) working by Thursday night. So anybody at the practice field in the pits who watched, saw these programs working fine. But during shipping, we lost some air in our tires, and decided to put some more in on Friday morning, and it threw off all of the autonomous settings. This explains why we accidently tipped over our alliance partner on our 1st qualifying match during autonomous mode. Which was why you noticed us having a hard time getting it to work.

I was really looking forward to 980’s autonomous before heading out to Atlanta. It was really impressive in person. :smiley:

anyone have a match video of this cool auto that the 980 did, i never got to see it.

980’s autonomous mode

980 auto in QF match 76

233 probably had one of the best autonomous modes of the bots that i saw at competition, at ucf they were automatic in auto they probably had the most efficient one there

After watching that, they also picked up tetras from the autoloader in a crazy amazing way!

yes, 980s autoloader method is scary good, they used it at svr very well. 118 also picked up tetras from the autoloader with distrubing ease.

Unfortunately I was not able to see 233 auto in person but when I was watching one match on the SOAP CD I saw them and said, “did they just do that!” I was going to check in the rules to see if it was legal to do such a good auto. Anyway, 980’s auto was very good too. We did the same thing but couldn’t get it to work just the way we wanted it to on the competition field.