pic: 233 Pink Roccobot 2k9

For those of you who doubted the Lamassu connection, here it is.

This is The Pink Team’s 2k9 robot. The picture was taken on the day of ship(if it looks peaceful, do not be deceived)

On the left is the side by side comparison with the Lamassu picture that a mentor noticed during the build. The PRO-E picture is older model.

6-wheel Drive, Direct drive driven from back wheel.
No drive chain tensioners.
Dropped center wheel.
Turreted shooter with camera (not on in the picture)
Those are the basics I suppose.

Any questions or comments are welcome as always.

And yes, it is ridiculously complicated : ).

Wow very impressive as always.

Can it shoot down though via tilting hood?
Its not hot pink =(


The design work is absolutely amazing. I can’t imagine how many hours went in to all of the CAD work. I have the same question…can you shoot down? Also are the drive modules machined tube again?

I love the bot and it would be awesome to see some video.

did y’all manage to use all the motors in the kit this year?
lol jk, great looking robot.

I didn’t doubt, but that made the anticipation level just plain painful.

Lots and lots of CAD.
I can truly say that this build season, of my four years in FIRST, has been the busiest, the most stressful, and the most work I’ve ever done. I’ve loved every minute of it, and learned more than any other year. :slight_smile:

As to answer you question, it cannot tilt down, but we have a magnetic sensor on the Fischer price gear box for the flywheel that monitors rotations, we have programing so that the closer the trailer is, the slower the flywheel spins, thus adjusting how far the balls will go. We utilized similar ideas on 2k6.

If any team can pull off a shooter without an adjustable hood it will be you guys. I hope it works for you. How many balls per second can you guys shoot and do you have the tracking working well?

Also just curious…how much sheet aluminum do you guys go through?

Sorry, I missed your other question.

Yes, the drive rails are 3x3 box tubing 1/8th thick aluminum.

Many similar ideas, yet everything as always has been modified, been made smaller, lighter, and hopefully better : )

No pink or telescoping arm… :frowning:

Very cool though!

Ahh very nice. Can’t wait to see it in action.

Just curious, but why did you abandon the human loaded hopper? Orbit balls getting jammed going into the shooter feed?

Even when I am expecting to be astonished by your robots, they still astonish me. That’s impressive. Your robot looks very complicated, but so precisely wrought that it will just blow everyone else away on the field- I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys in action! (Now if only it were your signature pink this year…)

how far does your turret rotate, and how many balls can it hold?
Looks like another amazing bot from 233!! hope to see you in Atlanta!
oh…are the bumpers at least pink?

But its not pink… How can it be from team Pink if its not Pink? I’m scared…

Man Pink, congrats on another smexy bots. That looks like a ton of sheets and hours beyond hours of CAD. Did you guys use Pro.E or Solidworks this year. Can’t wait to see your bot upclose and did you guys end up powdercoating your bot Blue or Black (I have a pic of you guys blue one year?)

Sweet looking bot! Good luck in Florida.

First thing I thought of when I saw the picture (besides the lack of pink of course :wink: )was how complex the design was but nonetheless how unique and impressive it is. I’d ask questions but I’ve decided to put them off until I get to see it in person. That robot is probably the robot I am most excited to see close up.

I think it’s great that your mentor made a Lamassu connection; its such a great comparison. Can’t wait to see it this weekend in action, the best of luck!

My first thought was:

Wow, my mother would have nightmares about dusting that thing…

My second thought was:

I bet it will come out of the crate pink… The crate works under the same principle as a spray tanning shower.


Looks well thought out and masterfully built… our team was just talking about 6WD with lowered center wheels… That is our normal drive train but this year we didn’t even try it out… I think it may have been foolish on our part. Let us know how it runs.

They’re hiding the blue one :wink: