pic: 233 Pink Roccobot 2k9

Can’t wait to compete you you guys in Florida, but first A. you should color it like the CAD B. you should have turned the turret in the CAD picture to represent the head. But really, I would like to know your top speed, amount of balls you can hold, and how fast can you shoot out the balls (balls/minute).

I would be a little careful with the front motor being in close proximity of the crio. Team 2228 had some field problems with a motor being located near the crio last weekend.

you guys might have to reinforce the front of your bot above the suck up roller.
we had to triple stack eight inch angle on each side of our robot after coming back from a match and they were both bent in a solid 1/2 an inch

Pink you continue to astonish YEAR after YEAR.

This looks like a serious piece of engineering. I can’t wait to check this thing out in Atlanta. Kudos again on what looks to be another great robot.

Any videos???


…I plead the 5th.

I believe the turret rotates to about 233 degrees (oh okay close to it… don’t remember specifically). We carry roughly 14 cells.

You are probably thinking about Roccobot 2k or 2k2. No powdercoating this year. We left it gray and angry.

I would like to answer these questions (look up for amount of cells we carry) but we have some serious work to do on Thursday in hopes of improving our numbers to a more acceptable level. So sorry, won’t give exacts. Ask again after Thursday.

Thanks Alex and Dillion, we will keep that in mind on Thursday. Video of us powering Roccobot 2k9 for the first time.

Holy Cheesehole batman

At least the bumpers will be pink…right? sob

These robots are always impressive when you think of how much CAD work goes into them. This team is blessed with machine shops that can keep up with the drawings that are being fed to them.

233 may have themselves a third Einstein appearance in a row.

This thing looks amazing I can’t wait to sneek a peak of it on Thursday kinda sad about the lack of pink on it I really wanna see how you guys did you wiring this year

If you look close you can see a part sticking up that looks as though it is going to be used for a hopper still. I am guessing it will show up when it is taken out of the crate at FL

you can see it on these images



There is one part of the robot that is actually [b]PINK.

You can see most of the ground work here. Posted this since it will be very difficult to check out with everything else on top.

That’s a Nice Robot but the Pro-E Model is even nicer.

I showed that Model to my mentor at work and he was amazed that you were able to make something that nice in 2 weeks. How many people worked on it? I’m assuming that it was a group of people because that would be almost impossible to do with one person. (Then again, you are the PINK team.)

Back to the robot though, that is by far one of the most beautiful robot’s I’ve ever seen. I’d love to see it function, something tells me I’d be very fun to watch the balls snake through that delivery system.

From another team that is clearly a fan of pink…thats very cool and I love the design. Good luck to you all in the rest of the season!

We have a steel tube above it for structural suport

any video?

cant wait until tomorrow :smiley:

We use a lot of sheet metal and box tubing, but we focus a lot on using as much scrap as possible, that means jetting out every little plate on left overs as often as possible, and using scraps that are up to 6 years old.

Those two questions are connected.
The reason we have modified our original design is so that we can actually shoot almost directly behind us. The hopper originally limited us to aprox 180 degrees, we should have aprox 270 degrees after this modification.

We will still have a hopper, just not as dominating of one.

The first thing that came to my mind was the same feeling I get when looking at all the different supports and structure of a wooden roller coaster. This is an impressive looking robot, and I hope I can get the chance to see it in person. Good work 233!

I can just imagine carrying those 50lb bags of abrasive back and forth to fill up the abrasive container for the jet. I wish that I had the time to pull that one off, especially because it looks almost as if the sides are solid cut from a 4x8… Amazing… Did the students on your team just not go to school? Sorry, but I really am sitting here at my computer yelling “HOW?” I can just remember the hundreds of hours sitting at the jet watching it blow water and sand in my face and pulling pieces out so it didn’t destroy its own tip. Great job guys, I don’t know how these kids pull this off every year, but major props to all of you… I worked extremely hard with my team all season every second i had, and still could not create something of this magnitude. I am a senior now, and I still look back to this season and wonder where I could have had more time… This truly is an amazing work of art. Good luck at competitions.

so why was it in pieces today?

I was talking to them and they said it was because they kept about 38 lb of parts at their shop and brought them with them today because they built close to 2 robots but some of the parts were just too complex and time consuming to make 2 so today they had to put it back together.

There’s a lot going on in there! I take it you guys are going to be using the camera? Very cool design non the less. How you do well.