pic: 233 Pinkified

Seen out back of the pit area of UCF near their trailer.

I see someone took Leslie’s place this season.

Funny how two of the craziest teams in FIRST (Pink and SPAM) share a state. Must be something in the water down in Florida. :wink:

I vote Billfred to be pinkified at 2007 Florida regional.

hasn’t the man been traumatized enough in florida already? :rolleyes:

Haha it may be the water, or maybe its just a Floridian thing. :slight_smile: We love our fellow crazy teams: SPAM, Children of the Swamp, Krunch, etc. Its always fun to know that there are teams who arent afraid to have fun!

And yeah, last year i couldnt run around being pink because i was a driver. But this year… i WILL be pink again! Along with Jerome (pictured above) and several others of us who like to run around like we’ve got discolored sunburns. Provided that the venue allows us to.

DO IT!!!

It might take a lot of paint, but hey sounds worth it. take lots of pictures too.:smiley:

Alas, I won’t be attending UCF this year. For some reason, the University of South Carolina decided to make spring break a week later this year.

Chesapeake, here I come!

So when you shake hands, does some of that pink rub off on you and if it is in the water, does that mean you’ll get that crazy Florida feeling? :wink:

Probably. I’ve shaken people’s hands and then they dont know what to do with it for a while. Its rather amusing. but most of the time while our hands are still wet, we run around asking people if they want pink on their cheeks, sort of how like the football players do with black. Most people say yes, and then they lose their inhibitions and selfconsciousness at competitions and actually have fun! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if the “crazy Florida feeling” lasts very long though. It might expire once you leave the state. But then again, maybe not. I’m not sure. Anyone care to share their experience about being pinkified at any of the regionals we’ve gone to?

perhaps, if you’re still interested, we can paint you at the championship event…

You’ll find out soon enough Miss Jane!!! (psst…it IS in the water)

Watch out for the pink team’s “Free Hugs” sign. You are just asking for trouble.

I wonder how long it takes for the pink to go away. If you take a shower do you still have a pink tinge afterward?

Threat No 1 : Duct Tape (Tytus)
Threat No 2 : beng pigged at (by 1902)
Threat No 3 : being colored Pink…
Threat no 4 : Arefin himself…

And I’m still planning to fly 1500 miles to Florida…
gotta re-think this one i guess…:stuck_out_tongue:


It depends on the dye we use. sometimes it comes off nicely and we’re only tinged for about a day or two. sometimes we rub ourselves practically raw afterward, and we’re STILL tinted pink after a week. Its always a fun thing to have to explain to random people why you’ve got a weird “suntan”.

and Barry, you know you like the free hugs. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was the “naked pink girl” at the Championship last year, and once the paint is dry it does really come off until you get it wet. I went down to get our award last year and no one gave me a hug. They all just gave very loose and distant hand shakes. But thats part of being pink!