pic: 233 possible wheels

The above drawings were on or rendered in SolidWorks.
Just some ideas for wheels, I thought they looked pretty cool, not exactly the lightest, but, not too heavy either…
I hope you like them, comments and criticism are both welcome.

Nice wheels, Peter. I love the blue :wink:

What are the weights on those? They don’t look too easy to machine, though.

Will there be a set of blue and Pink one? :]

Yeah, btw what is the weight on those babies. I like the frame, pink, i like blue better anyways. lol.

too many dudes talking about pink and blue. have you considered keeping it plain metal to keep the weight down as much as possible?

do you realize what team we’re talking about? lol they easily have the capabilities to have enough weight left over for some beautiful powder coat

I’d like to see some people come up with a poofy design for their wheels this year. Guess Pink can pull out a nice poofy tread design needed for this year’s game.

We’ve got some designs in the makes for our own POOFy wheels. :smiley:

You’ve clearly spent too much time talking to EJ…

What is this team 254 you all speak of? :confused:

I myself thought instantly of team 195 when I saw these.

They reminded me of thiswheel