pic: 233 teaser??????


Last teaser before the final product is shown

why are you doing this to us? :frowning:

I’m pretty tired of these teasers, but looks pretty similar to the 05 telescoping arm… nice speedholing. I’m guessing all 3 goals easy.

i spy the trade mark pink tower there, with a hand id like to take a look at

ah…yess…another great picture of those wheels.

Don’t worry, the next picture we post will be of the entire robot, We just liked the teasers we had : D

when will this picture be posted?

Alright that’s it… here are some facts about the pinkbot.

  1. They have a faster telescoping arm than they had in 2005.
  2. They have a similar grabber that we have been seeing on the forum.
  3. They have a 6wd with 2 speed globe shifter.

well, allow me to quote spaceballs

“well sir, we’re looking at now, everythings thats happening now, is happening, now.
What happened to then?
we passed then.
just now. we’re at now now.
*When will then be now? *soon…

Soon : ), just wanna make sure we have a good picture, lol.

Arefin is it similar to our globe shifter?

hmmm…nice try arefin…but your wrong a little bit…dont worry, all will be revealed soon.

I’m guessing you used at least 2 igus flexible chains for you wires

You’ll see, this years robot is pure happiness… :slight_smile:

pure happiness…and a dream to drive…

It looks increadibly similar to the 2005 robot… I cant even wait till tommorow so i can sob at the fact that theres no way we are going to win any of our regionals unless your on our alliance… but wouldent that just be increadible… muahahahaha… muhahahahaha… :smiley:

Ohhh Pink I love you guys. You just come up with the most un-thought-of ways of playing the games :slight_smile: Your engineering feats are always quite impressive. Keep up the good work! Hope to see this 07 bot