pic: 233 Teaser???

In the shadow of a giant…

:eek: Wow so obvious only needed a quick glance to get you guys are going with an arm that will extent above 6.5ft and based on those odd windows or whatever they are you guys are planing to make the arm telescopic. and the fence in front means you guys will surely make it super sturdy too.

And not so sure about this but the other building in the lower right with the pipe on it means you guys want to also plan to give your bot little side arms to perfectly place the ball in front of you then use your arm to grab it (forgot there real name sorry:o ).

yes and im am a rookie.:smiley:
(now i just hope i am right):rolleyes:

**Rookie Team 2596
Official Name- F.B.I Ferrous Bulldog Innovations (ferrous in English means IRON)
School name- James J. Ferris high school, school mascot- Bulldog
A.K.A- Iron Bulldogs. **

Wait a minute, that’s the Vehicle Assembly Building, right? I’m puzzled… IIRC, that’s the one of the biggest enclosed spaces in the world, but <R16> gets rid of that link… I have no idea…

Their robot uses a Super NES as a coprocessor!

OH! there building a rocker robot to jet arround the field at 900FPS

(notapinktruck is going to hate me for this, but I don’t care), this isn’t a teaser. It’s teasing you into thinking it’s a teaser, but it’s not one. I don’t why he’s putting this out - we usually do misleading/confusing teasers, not totally random ones. . .

""Even though the game is called “Overdrive,” you aren’t allowed to drive over the other teams.

  • Then they should have called it “Drive-by.”
  • Or not. “”

Yea, but why do you drive on a parkway, but park in a driveway?
Why do you have to pay a toll on a freeway?:confused: :confused:

:yikes: looks like the vab at nasa

Good eye…

By the way IbleedPink233, it is a teaser. You just don’t get it.

Curse the misleading names of things!
I mean Rhode Island is neither a road or an island - how does that work?
Back to the subject. . . this is hinted at being a teaser, but that is a misleading name.

Uhhhhhhh, no. I’ve definitely seen way more about the robot than you have - it is not a teaser.
By your logic, a box would be more of a teaser (which is actually true, hint, hint).

Oh oh! this must mean 233 is planning on just using a non-painted kitbot, right? Genius, no one will see it coming. When you’re done are you going to have the Roccobot 2k8 Rollout of the VAB? That would possibly be the coolest thing in all of Florida FIRST.

Well, none of our robots are painted - we powdercoat them pink. I won’t comment on the kitbot aspect (I wonder why. . . )
Hmmmmmm, Roccobot 2k8 at VAB. . . that would be epic. I don’t know if they’ll let us that close with it. . .