pic: 233 Teaser

Don’t you just love saying that word?

“Lamassu” that is

you built a bearded flying robot too. :eek:

Please one of you email me the gumball machine? :ahh:

I would so love to that gumball machine if you wouldn’t mind. I take it is gonna be a skinny 4 wheel drive?

Your robot weighs a ton? I have faith that you guys will get it lightened up for competition.

You’re making your robot out of stone?? :ahh:

A unique and telling feature of these statues is that they have 5 legs.

When viewed from the side they appear to be walking.
When viewed from the front they appear to be standing.

5 wheeled robot?

Or maybe you just wanted to post a random picture like your teamates did last year?

You’re competing in Nineveh?

That one is at the Louvre, must be going to the 2016 Paris regional after the 2013 London regional is such a success. :wink: We’ve got a few of those guys here in the British Museum too.


I know that there has been a lot of contreversy, but I thought they would at least have pink bumpers.

I thought we agreed to just put up a teaser, not a picture of the robot!

I wonder if it has to do with the tail.

Of course this is a giveaway!

  • There is a mechanism that will spit balls out, probably CIM-powered, at maybe about 30 balls/sec in simulated mode
  • PINK has mastered microaviation (hoverbot), or have a hovercraft-style driving system (also, they have tested their bots at The Forum, and gone one-on-one with either Tommy Voukon or Olaf Kolzig (too bad he’s out for the season, but perfect Capitals karma))
  • The robot will be controlled by an artificial-neural-network or EMG-to-C program with the robot moving and acting as their drivers move (Wii-esque).
  • It can plunder own goals!!

Nope, that’s just the trailer tongue.

Let’s just write off that PINK has mastered the art of microaviation and get the hell on out of here!

You know what’s hilarious? I now work at the museum that holds this artifact. It’s about 50 feet away from me because I’m at the front desk.