pic: 2337's second suspension!


At Ann Arbor, 2337 and 2619 hung on the practice field on Saturday morning, if I remember correctly. Then, 2337 had to face 2619 in the finals - three very intense games (they’re on Youtube). And then, on MSC, 2337 hung 2959, and then 2337 picked 2619 in the elimination rounds. In the two games played against 469 and 1918 in the quarterfinals, 2337 and 2619 attempted twice to hang. The first time, 2619’s hook missed, and the second time one of 2337’s hooks missed, meaning the whole robot was slanted.

I’m happy to see that finally we’ve got that hang! I wasn’t at TARDEC, but I saw the carnage on Twitter afterward.

This was so exciting to watch (and even more exciting now that I can see more than the bottom wheels of 2619 :stuck_out_tongue: )! Congrats to both teams, and I’m really excited to see the twitter carnage of a promising double later today.

Unfortunately, the one time we tried the double, a hook missed. We had 4 more chances, but each time circumstances only allowed trying a single, and 2619’s hook didn’t like our bar very much, apparently.

Despite that, it was a really fun competition!