pic: 2338's Drive Train Pic 2

Another pic of 2338’s drive train. I like the illustration style better in inventor but it seems to not want to give a accurate representation of the parts (the slots you see in this picture are not really there)

It looks like you have an extra support for the axle ends in that outermost subframe?? Do you feel you need extra support there?

We run a similar setup without extra support and have never experienced any issues.

Otherwise the chassis looks nice!

I wonder if it’s more for ease of bumper mounting?


That was my thought when I first looked at the photo.

Could we get an image without the CAT logo in the background? I understand they are a sponsor but I feel it really makes it hard to see what is going on.

Perhaps make it either a watermark (desaturate it a bit) or put it in the corner.

Is that a team221 chassis or custom?

you have to put a reverse beeper on it

Agreed that the outer rail will aid bumper mounting, my question is why have they included what appears to be additional shaft support that slides inside those pockets?

I’m just curious if they saw a failure in the past or know something I don’t. :slight_smile:

It does closely resemble a 221 systems chassis!

The chassis is based off of 221’s design but is modified to fit our teams demands, for some reason the first picture didn’t upload (I said as such in that one). The outer subframe is for ease of the bumper mount and to add to the ease of bumper mount. I can work on getting a better picture uploaded when I have time.