pic: 234 - Cyber Blue R2V1 Top

This is a top view of our 2010 robot, R2V1, showing a bunch of stuff (“stuff” being a technical term).

This picture makes me want to start a “highest average density” competition


We have never built a robot this small - the frame is 15-1/2" tall, and our biggest challenge was getting everything into the space, especially after needing about 10" in the front for the kicker arm.

Im liking the blue anodize! We anodized are a very similar shade of blue.

what encoders/pots are used to control the swerve?
(the little blue ones chained to the steering window motor on each side)

The encoders are US Digital, and I believe they came from Andymark (AM-0174).

I will find out on the pots, but they are most likely from Kings.

The front wheels are tied together and the rear wheels are tied together, with a window motor turning each set.

We have an encoder on one front and one rear wheel.

We have a pot tied to a sprocket off of the window motor.

It looks great! It must have taken a good bit of planning and CAD modeling to design your robot. Just out of curiosity, where is the battery hiding? Under the compressor?

how is your compressor mounted sideways? I dont see any shock mounts on it and even if there were there is no room for the compressor to shake.

The battery is in the “back”, between the rear wheels - it slides in “connectors first”.

The compressor is mounted to polycarbonate, with rubber washers between the compressor and the poly. The poly flexes a little, the washers absorb a little.


It looks totally awesome and pretty too (I’m a girl what much do you want me to say besides that it looks pretty). Good Luck at competition. :slight_smile: