pic: 2360 Teaser #1

We decided to finally post a couple teasers from the final bot…

That’s a lot of washers :slight_smile:

… and a loose chain.

I think making spacers would suffice (other than the use of MILLIONS of washers)

And it saves weight! Pink looking really cool, can’t wait until it is done! :smiley:

We plan to change out the washers to aluminum spacers… it was to align a tranny to a motor. The chain however is fine in our opinion and serves it purpose very well! The pink is fantastic! Thanks to all!

From Cyber Blue to Power Pink!

Looking awesome 2360!

Hmmmm… a TorqueTrans right angle transmission. Hollow or solid shaft? I wonder what the gear ratio is.

Looking really nice! From 2361 :slight_smile: