pic: 237 goes pimp_3


I already uploaded a group photo with everyone on the car but this one is much clearer without the sun washing the pic out. Elgin also doesn’t have the fake hand stuck in the front passenger window in this one. The hand and also a hat found in the car appearently were left over from the halloween display. I gave Elgin the gold wire spoke hubcaps and Kevin has the headlights and Olds hood ornament.

that is such a gangsta car. haha you guys are such losers :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Geesh, how long was Das Boot floating in Long Island Sound for? :wink:

Ha ha ha yeah… it was gansta… lol All that we needed to find to make it complete was a nice cane. But we didn’t. :frowning:

Actually, the other side of the car didn’t have nearly as much of that white oxidation this side had.

The best part was that we (Mostly Scott - Senior driver on 237) had to smash the trunk with a sledgehammer to open it since the lock was busted, and were guessing as to what was in there. First guess by everyone was of course going to be rather unpleasant if it was actually true. :ahh: I’m sure you can guess what we thought may be in that huge trunk.

But, all we found in there was a spare tire, and the rest of the exhaust pipes which were off and made it really loud.

I’m afraid…very…very afraid. Especially if Scott & Elgin are involved :rolleyes:

Before another member of 237 beats me to it I’ll have to tell you first hand that washer fluid doesn’t taste well! :wink:

They showed up minutes after the car was delivered (towed) to my house and we were going over the car finding out what still works and what doesn’t. I reached through the drivers window and turned the wipers on, they work on both speeds and intermittent and then I press for the washers. Well the one is out of adjustment and shoots over the windshield, missing it, towards the driver side front pillar and hits me in the face and mouth! :eek:

Other than it’s physical appearance the car is actually in good shape. There’s no major rust, most everything works, lights, horn, wipers, factory Delco radio, power windows and door locks. It’s also got a new battery in it. The engine starts right up and the car does drive but the reason it was towed is because one of the front brake lines blew. I basically bought the car for the good running Olds 307 in it. It has 130k on it. In addition to the engine itself the power window motors and some of the other stuff will make good spares for my Caprice. I don’t think it was a bad deal for $200. The towing was free with AAA. The wheels and axles are staying with the car. My driveway has a difficult hill to it and they will make it easier for the salvage yard to haul the carcuss away next week.

All the interior lights are red. The lights in the doors, under the dash, and the dome light. It was errie last night as I worked on the car out in my driveway. I wonder what the neighbors think when they see this thing in my driveway. :smiley:

haha it was a blast being able to smash in the trunk of the car to open it up. haha such a great car and definitly some fun times. :cool:

Heh, it was interesting that the first time I meet Jay I get to see this car, watch every beat it in. Thanks Jay =P