pic: 237 Memorial Day Parade

Well it took a few batteries but the robot ran the parade route. Perfect day. Lots of people came up to check it out. Good exposure for the team.

Now that is awesome! How did you get this accomplished? Looks like you are on the local Rotary float, a good group to have a partnership with. Does the Robotics team do other events with them, or did you ask if you could join them in the parade? My other question is how did you power your controls without an outlet? We have used a computer UPS backup battery once, but I’m wonder if other teams have a better way to do this when outlets aren’t available.

I have the same question about powering the OI, I believe we will be in a parade this summer. How do you do it? IF worse came to worst we could always tether but that wouldn’t be as cool as using the radio. :cool:

Hmm… Tough questions… :rolleyes:

  1. The Rotary has been a main sponsor of the team since it’s inception I believe. They let us “crash” with them during the parade by letting us use their trailer as a base of operations.
    No we don’t participate in any of their other events, but if they asked, we would gladly oblige…

  2. 2 words. Solar Power… :ahh: j/k We had a portable generator with a 110v outlet that we always have to borrow at the last minute from our very gracious Fire Department, because the one we usually get at first never seems to start or is way too big for the task at hand.

Actually, solar power would be really cool. Maybe we will look into that.:wink:

And finally, the Segway Kevin is riding along side the robot is Marc’s from Team 38, The Nonnebots, in neighboring Woodbury CT. He joined us after some bribing and went gliding with us in the parade, even though he didn’t get to ride it most of the time cause 237 members “stole” it from him…

Every once in a while, we would have the robot and whoever was on the Segway do some syncronized spinning and get the crowd pumped up…

It was amusing.

Very Cool. Always nice to get out and about in the community.

For info on how to power the OI without an outlet see this thread:

very nice!
I wonder how your wheels are now hehe

Toast. Yea Toast.

Got to fix them before Battlecry :wink:

Looks like fun. One time we drove a robot about 2 miles through the streets of Downtown LA for a parade.

the wheels are actually in really good shape…though after the 2 regionals and nationals they were shot so we changed them for beantown blitz which was last weekend so they were in good shape going into the parade and stayed fairly good.

We too were in our local memorial day parade and have been in the past. The only bad part about it was that most of our members are also involved with band, so they were playing their instruments. In the past like 1999, we drove the robot through the parade/s. However, after a few mishaps of dying in the middle of the parade we stopped doing that, I think I can recall that a fire truck almost took our robot out??

We usually drive it around on the trailers, but this year to lack of trailer space we left it sit on the trailer decorated red, white, and blue.

To entertain the crowd I rode a mini “monkey” bike with a funky hat and sunglasses on.

As for the portable IO you can see my white paper in the “Technical” section here on CD.

I will try to upload or have someone upload a picture as soon as I can get my hands on one of the parade.

The HS band is in the first section of our parade. But we are in the last section. So if any of the students are in band they just run back to the float when they are done.

You can power the OI on a 9 volt battery. If you want it to last a while, put a few in parallel.

for our memorial day parade we just stuck the robot on our trailer and didnt move it it was strapped down pretty good, and ted said you had alot of fun getting the generator, i think its time to make a battery pack for stuff like this all the cool kids have one!

we were going to make one…but a mentor came up with a good reason not to do it…we need batteries to be on charge! ya never know if your going to need another battery soo even if you can power the OI you wont be able to run the robot w/o a charged battery.