pic: 237 on the road with Second Wind Dreams

The Sie-H20-Bots were invited to Beacon Brooke Healthcare Center in Naugatuck May 11 to fulfill a wish. The invitation was part of Second Wind Dreams, a national non-profit organization that has the goal of fulfilling the dreams of those living in eldercare communities.

An 80-year old female resident had a wish to see and touch a robot. With the visit by three adults and six team members from Watertown Team 237, she not only had her dream fulfilled, but was also able to drive the robot.

Watertown resident Joe D’Averso, director of environmental services at the Beacon Brooke Healthcare Center, contacted the Watertown Sie-H20-Bots and arrangements were made to grant this Second Wind Dream.

That’s very sweet. :cry:

It’s what this is all about. Making dreams happen.

[and just 2 people are smiling]

I count 4 smiling. Joey, Nikki, the aide (I believe) and the woman who had requested to see the robot. I like the look on Liz’s face the best. :stuck_out_tongue: Liz is the one standing behind the robot.

That is really an amazing story! I’m glad you were able to make it come true. I might take this idea to a Skilled Nursing Unit where I grew up for 9 long years of my life. Props to your team though!

wow guys… you all look so happy…

especially liz… :ahh:

You know them better than I do.

Seeing things like this make me happy. Just knowing that what we do can makes someone’s day brighter makes all the hard work seem so worthwhile.