pic: 237 rear window sticker

Several members of Team 237 have placed stickers on the rear windows of thier vehicles advertising our website and thus our team. I made this one on the computer at the school with a blank sheet of vinyl in the plotter. Once you spell out the sign and specify the dimensions you output it to the plotter and it cuts the vinyl sheet. Once you peel away the excess vinyl you apply transfer paper. Then the final step, peel off the backing of the vinyl and press it to the surface and peel off the transfer paper.

I made this during one of the last days of build when I got bored as they were busy programming the robot. Yesterday while I was in the garage I found it and decided to put it on the rear window of the Mustang. The vinyl is light blue but not as bright in the photo as the flash makes it out to be.

Nice Mustang. Looks like a '67 or maybe a '69 by the gas cap… Am I close? :smiley:

Eh… Almost. It is the same one as in Jay’s Who Am I Pic:

I can’t wait to see it driving down the highway, or parked at the local crusin’ and car show spots and showin’ off maximum exposure to our awesome website.

Now all you need Jay, is a FIRST logo. I think I can arrange for that.
You want the old school version, or the new school version?