pic: 2386 -the hang-

WOW! I am impresse with your flipping and hanging capabilities! Your robot looks AWESOME! How well does your robot maneuver and take the bump?

I also notice your hanger is different between your competition bot and your prototype?

Thanks for the props!

Our senior students made a field trip to do the powdercoating themselves, really adds to the looks

The arm which lifts the hook is now aluminum, it was prototyped in HDPE but we found that it needed more durability. Concept is the same, 3 stage folding design to keep it inside for the match.

As far as drive train, it takes the bumps very well, the raised center wheel provides great traction on top of the bump. It needs more maneuverability, we improved traction in time for Waterloo this week, we shall see how it runs!