pic: 2386 traditional swerve

This is a more traditional style of swerve (compared to my previous design) that is currently being designed with the intent to build come our pre season starting in september. Currently it is geared for ~13fps adjusted and weighs in at just over 9lbs. The frame is made of 4x2x1/4 aluminum tubing. CAD files can be found here:


Currently looking for feedback, suggestions, criticism etc.

Correct me if I’m wrong here but it looks like you’re using flat belts instead of timing belts (unless you’re using a 2-sided timing belt)?
Any concern about slippage?

The plan at the moment is to use a 2 sided timing belt on the first stage. I was having difficulties making everything package while maintaining a 2:1 ratio in the first stage. It always ended up intersecting the VP (without using idlers). So instead of putting idlers next to the VP to widen the gap, I used this setup with the double sided belt. Puting the idlers next to the VP would have resulted in a minimal amount of teeth being engaged with the belt (something I was not comfortable with) and now, I have even more teeth engaged than without any idlers at all.

Why not just run a normal belt, and have the idler rollers near the VP?

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