pic: 2386's first regional win (Pine Tree Regional)

2386 and teams 2648 and 3467 win the Pine Tree Regional.
This is 2386’s first regional win ever.

So glad you guys were around for our third pick! You were amazing and we couldn’t have done it without you! (Finals 2). :o

You guys were great to work with both on and off the field! See you guys in St. Louis!!

Thanks for coming up to the Pine Tree Regional 2386 (and 2200), and congrats on your first blue banner (and 2200’s Creativity Award!)

It was great to see two “International” teams take some serious bus trips to various parts of the states in addition to a local competition each year.

I DID notice you haven’t been to the Finger Lakes Regional yet, which is only about 2-2.5 hours from your school district. I might be a bit biased, but it’s a great competition every year and a much more reasonable bus ride!

Rochester is also fairly cheap to stay in, and no one can feel homesick since it’s almost always cold and snowy during that weekend :wink:

It’s amazing how some teams slip through the cracks until high in the final round of picks. The same thing happened in CT in week 5, where 1153 was a final pick on the way back up, but was a consistent shooter that was improving throughout the regional.

Scouting scouting scouting…hard to say much else :slight_smile:

We owe a lot of our success this weekend to our scouts! :slight_smile: