pic: 2395 has 1st official water game bot

Sorry for the flipped picture. Our shop flooded while we were gone…

What did you guys do?

How the heck did that happen? Haha

Anti gravity too… hope everything works out okay!

I think “Unbagging to let robot dry out” should be a thing FIRST should allow one to do. (With proper approval)

Sorry about the picture, uploaded from my phone.
Somehow the caption didn’t post.

We walked into our shop and found standing water on the floor.
Apparently the toilet sprung a leak after it got worked on earlier today.

The worst part was finding our bagged robot full of water.
We’re currently working on drying everything out.

I assume you will be/have contacting/contacted FIRST about the problem.

Soooooooo… You have dirty toilet water in your robot? Grody.

Probably was the supply line, so unless their shop runs on dirty toilet water…

I would really hope so, if not it would be time for a new robot.

Yeah, we attempted to contact our regional director tonight.
We’ll be trying again tomorrow.

We’ve got all of our storage floor space cleaned out and apart from some cardboard boxes, we haven’t found anything of value to be destroyed.

Everything is in the process of drying until Thursday.

We’re pretty sure the water came from the water supply off the toilet, but we’re still not positive.

On the bright side, the Ninja Munkees can claim to have the first prototype for that inevitable water game (at least I hope we’re the first).


Well if you have additional tags and have not used up your robot demo/display time. You can do a few 4 hour “Drying” demos. Put a webcam on it, that way you can broadcast it for all to enjoy…

Hopefully it will dry out without issue… A trick we use here in Hawaii is rice.
The humidity causes our table salt to morph daily into an salt ooze then hardens into a hockey puck. A daily cycle.
So we add rice to the shakers and never a problem.

After your “Drying Demos” and you go to tag & bag it for the last time, put a bunch of rice in course cloth (burlap, cheesecloth …) and put them in the bag with the robot… will absorb quite a bit of left over moisture.

Put a few bags all around the electronics, tape a few to the motor exhausts (if they have them), put a bag in a ziplock bag with the cRio modules, you get the idea.

Good luck, I am sure the air out and rice trick will work…


Obviously you have never turned it on or will until it is sufficiently and completely dry. :stuck_out_tongue:

First off, that stinks (literally)! I hope you all can fix everything!

Second, I would call Frank M. at FIRST directly…

Send an e-mail to HQ, frcteams@usfirst.org, and apprise them of the situation. That’s by far the best and most official way to get permission to unbag it to dry everything out. They’ll include any special instructions in their reply, and you can print out the e-mail as proof for your LRI that you had permission for whatever action you agree on with HQ.

In regards to the rice-- a solid idea, maybe not for jags, though, unless you want to be fishing rice out of them. With rice, don’t leave the bag open with your wet electronics in it-- bugs.

I agree loose rice is not a good idea.

I mentioned in my previous post to put the rice in course bags, like cheesecloth or burlap. That will keep the rice contained and let the moisture in… This will work… Almost the same procedure for wet cell phones. except instead of loose rice in a Ziploc with the electronics, it is rice in a course bag in the big old robot bag… :slight_smile:

Should be good to go!


Edit: Not sure what bugs you have out there, but out here not much will bother attempting to eat uncooked rice…
Even the massive flying roaches out here tend to move on to something else…

We’ve received permission from our regional director and head inspector to open our bag, dry off the robot, and test the electronics.
We’ve cleaned it up and are currently letting it air out.
We have also got a replacement bag ready, and socks with rice to absorb any moisture that might evaporate after we re-bag it.

Even though this was a freak accident, the Ninja Munkees won’t be storing anything important on the floor of our shop any time soon…

Thanks everyone for the helpful ideas! It’s been a rough week for us and the suggestions from the community were very insightful and up lifting.

In a completely un related note, FRC 2395 has picked up two late season sponsors -Dirk’s high water shelving and Johnny on the spot portable outside ka-modes.