pic: 2403 Side View No Bumpers

Greetings from team 2403 “Team Plasma”

Here is our 'bot!
Drive: 2 CIMs on each side, 6 wheel drive with 4x 8" dualie omni wheels and 2x plaction wheels, rocking suspension on the back.
Chassis: the standard 2010 c-base with gearboxed mounted on top, battery underneath, and electronics at the back, hinged lexan covering the electronics and hinged diamond plate covering the kicker and battery access.
Kicker: spinning steel turbine powered by a CIM and a belt. Pops the ball over one bump
Ball incursion: sloped top flush with the top of the bumpers at the front and back, front and rear have a steel bar.
Strategy: push around all the robots with holomonic wheels and 2 motor drive ; )
Best Feature: driving over the bump! It drives very smoothly over it no matter how fast we go!

P.s. we need some help naming it! I was thinking “one steel wonder” because it seems the most dangerous component of all of our robots havs always been made of angle or tube steel!

p.p.s. More pictures and such at our site: http://www.wix.com/teamplasma/rm-robotics

Coolio. I like the diamondplate. Hardcore. I expect you can traverse the bump in your sleep.

Exactly! At the beginning of the build season, we were like “well, lets make a plastic electronics board instead of a wooden one this time” and then we found that diamond plate left over from last year…at least aluminum is non-conductive ; )

Except that it is conductive… :frowning:

Shouldn’t matter as long as you have your cRIO and camera (if you’re using it) mounted with non-conductive bolts+spacers.

Yes aluminum is conductive thats why we dont dump aluminum shavings on the crio:yikes:

Oh yeah…I apologize for the misinformation…I posted this at like 1 am last night :confused: and I also see all the misspellings now!
Anyways, yeah, each electronics component is separated from the aluminum by foam rubber. Thanks for pointing it out!

Good, I wouldent want to see any fire balls transvering a bump:yikes: