pic: 241 Suspension Teaser

Wheels will be mecanum, and the suspension will have shocks

Check Q&A – Make sure the shocks are not oil filled ( standard shocks are ).

Will your bumpers move out of the Bumper Zone when the suspension moves?

I have always wanted to do an air suspension.
Please keep us informed on how it works.

triple bypass nitrogen shocks… lol

Hm, is this not illegal? I guess as long as it stays flat/level while traveling on flat ground… Looks awesome though!

Looks cool – should work great.

We ran into some complications, but they are still coming along nicely, we finally got the wheels in, now we have to make 3 more arms, and attach the shocks, ill keep everoyne posted

oh and the shocks would be the pneumatic pistons used in a legal way with little motion