pic: 2415 preparing for Dallas

Looks beautiful Sean… familiar intake too :wink:

Best of luck.

Thanks! We’ve definitely taken our fair share of inspiration from you guys.

the drawing on the blue ball is hilarious.

What’s with the piece hanging over the ball?

It’s the “don’t drop your ball” flap.

Also our tool tray

Please make sure your tray table is stowed in the upright and locked position prior to going Aerial. Thank you.

Thank you for flying WiredCats Airlines! We hope you enjoy your stay in the Lone Star State.

Where did you buy the wheels that are in the drive train?

They’re just 4"x1.5" wide colsons with West Coast Products live hubs pressed in (http://www.vexrobotics.com/vexpro/west-coast-products/colsonhubs-g.html). We’ve run colsons the last 4 years and won’t be swapping anytime soon.


I’ve been waiting to see this one. Awesome looking machine Sean.
Are you varying the tension on the surgical tubing at all?

Brothers from another mother.

Good luck guys!


I was going to say drink tray. Shaken, not stirred.

Needs cup holders.

Weight savings opportunity.

Everyone knows holes decrease frontal area too. Certainly good for more top speed.