pic: 2415 progress?

You’re running about a week ahead of us Sean. Glad to see things are coming together.

If that prototype in the background is what it looks like, there’s some influence from 1771 happening on your team :slight_smile:

Interesting thought…

6WD seems to be the norm so far.
We elected to go a different route.:rolleyes:

It’s just so easy. I’m hoping your different route involves some omnidirectional driving fun.

Fun Fact - while Sean (2415) and Martin (4509) were on 1771 and used a suction mechanism in 2008, 2415 also used a suction mechanism on their robot and did quite well.

http://youtu.be/sqnQyPNNNOM?t=1m34s & http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/30991

interesting I would have to say

This sounds terrifying.

those gussets are not brushed. Rip it all apart. Unacceptable.

Is that plexiglass or buffed out metal?

Where’s the plywood? :confused:

It’s all wire brushed 6061 aluminum. What you see is right around 5 lbs.

Oh wow I totally remember watching that back in the day! I never realized that robot was from 2415!
Man 2008 feels like forever ago…