pic: 2415...REDO

So after a rough start at scrimmage, there were a few…dozen things that needed some… “tweaking”…this is the result of the “redesign” meeting…well see how far we get in the morning

That’s how it’s done. way to tackle the challenge

I saw yall hammering away at your copies. Did you guys get them running yesterday?

  • Sunny

A little yesterday, but a good part of today :slight_smile:

we got everything rebuilt but we sheared some of our 2speed gears today. Will me remaking them tomrorow and practicing all day…hopefully

I know there’s some video somewhere of this beauty…somebody on 2415 wanna help out?

The only video I know of is once the low speed gears sheared and we were forced to drive in high gear (16fps) the entire time making handling a bit dicey. Aside from some really cool wheels in the air maneuvers and a monstrous crash and subsequent denting of the minibot tower there’s not much too it. Hopefully by late tomorrow we should have some actual good video of what should be an awesome robot

And yes we did dent that tower with our gripper…

on behalf of the team…i would like to apologize to that tower base :smiley:

Buttons for each of the three heights will make you faster at scoring…Preset height limits make everything more automated and easier than having a kid line up to the height each time.

We have buttons on our control board, they just weren’t set up yet. But they will be :slight_smile:

There are 6 peg heights because of the offset of the middle column. If you add the feeder station and floor you end up with 8 preset heights.

Looks like another great robot from 2415! We were only at the scrimmage on Saturday so I guess the video will have to hold me over until I get to see it in action in person at Peachtree.

yea we didn’t get a chance to set the presets and just decided to let them drive manually. Well call it…code failure practicing. and the low gear failing kinda hurt us too.

Should’ve been more clear. And yes forgot to add in floor loading and the feeder station.

i think the control system has a total of 13 buttons and…then manual control…time to read the manual::rtm::

14 independent buttons + 4 digital inputs for manual control = 18 digital inputs :stuck_out_tongue:

We ditched the cypress board after Saturday and just wired into buttons from our old joysticks instead. It seems to be working much better, and it doesn’t require us to use the classmate to take input from the buttons as the cypress did