pic: 245 Teaser

My guess:

A contraption for the ramp.

What a great idea! Using a cam for lifting against the ground is a unique way of levitating robots.

Brilliant idea! That’s a pretty smart way to get some lift.

Reminds me of 16’s cams in 2004.

yeah that was one of our ideas this year.

thats brilliant! but i’ve got some questions for you;

what kinda motor is driving that?
how long does it take to lift?
is it lifting 4" or 12"?
and are you lifting one or two robots?


what kinda motor is driving that?

None, our drivetrain simply pulls forward (yeah, it’s that strong)

how long does it take to lift?

<2 sec, it’s just driving forward.

Is it lifting 4" or 12"?

12" (for both)

and are you lifting one or two robots?

One or two, doesn’t matter.

wow… thanks, that really is a incredible design then. :eek:

Great mechanism! Just toss two of those onto your 2005 bot and you might have similar results to 2005. (or at least one can hope so)

Wow, I have been talking to my VEX team about using a cam design for grasping the bar. This will be a really great visual aid to show them. Great Idea guys.


Hm…seems like other people are using cam’s on their robots aswell :stuck_out_tongue:

I see Team 340…:smiley:

Reminds me of a Traxxas Revo monster truck…

delete this message.

So you drive forward to raise one and then drive backwards ot rasie the other?

Or am i just getting a weird idea.

hmm, reminds me of some other thread about vex and possible “team 16” cams…

Alex, it seems like if you have the ramps drop off of the front and back of the robot, and all cams are facing the same direction, then driving in one direction would rotate all cams and lift both platforms.

That looks like Andy Mark Treads, tracked wheels perhaps?

This is an amazing idea.

ahh yes, you would be correct, i was reading this at the time of break from class as which i woke up at 5am to get from my house to class this morning.

it actually is a very nice simple idea.