pic: 2451 PWNAGE: 2013 Robot

This was the 2451 PWNAGE 2013 robot.

Quarter-finalists at Greater Kansas City Regional
Finalists at Midwest Regional
(both allied with 1625 Winnovation)
Industrial Design Award at Midwest Regional

2 speed 8 wheel drive
-hubless custom wheels
-blue hard tread
-4 CIMs with pneumatic pistons
-sheet metal frame

Thanks to all of our sponsors Genesis Automation, ACE Metal, Center Tool Company, EnerSys, SMC, MSOE, IGT, and Balluff.


Could you describe the wheels in a little more detail?

Awesome bot! It was a lot of fun being in an alliance with you guys for both regionals! Dont worry, we still have next year :wink:


There is a better picture of the wheels.

THa aluminum was custom machined and then the tread was riveted on after.


Great moments after those Midwest Semis! Can’t wait to see what an awesome machine you guys bring to the table next year! Also, beautiful sheet metal work as always!